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Whether your kitchen is massive or comfortably small, it’s essential to stay organized. With all of your utensils, tupperware, pots, pans, food and more floating around staying organized can seem like a daunting task even in the best of times. Luckily, there are hundreds of quick and easy ways to keep your kitchen tidy, functional, and looking wonderful at the same time. Use the tips below to help you get started on transforming your kitchen into an organizational dream. 

Wrangle Your Utensils

We’ve all had that one drawer with utensils haphazardly strewn about inside, but we can all agree it’s not an ideal situation. Using utensil trays can save space and allow you to store all of your utensils in one place, making them easier to access. To create more space in your drawers try using a narrow utensil tray instead of the wide trays, especially if you have larger items such as ladles, whisks, and serving spoons that will need more room. 

Keep Your Cookware In Check

Storing cookware can be a nightmare. They tend to stack on top of each other well, but if you need access to a pot or pan at the bottom of the stack it can become frustrating to get what you need. Expandable cookware organizers allow you to skip the stacking so you can place the items on their side and never have to worry about being able to quickly find what you need. Most of these organizers can expand and contract to fit inside any cabinet area. 

Create More Space in Cabinets

There are tons of items that end up taking up lots of space in your cabinets but can be placed in over-cabinet organizers. Items such as dish soap, extra sponges, and cleaning supplies usually dominate the space under kitchen sinks, giving you less storage space. Over-cabinet organizers free up valuable space and keep the supplies you use most within easy reach. 

Keep Your Foods and Spices Streamlined

Baking materials like flour and sugar take up tons of space in your pantry or cabinets and spices can also take over valuable counter space. Try using glass containers with sealing lids for your baking materials to prevent mess and maintain a more streamlined look to your pantry. Purchasing a spice rack can also save space by keeping your spices in one place while also allowing you to organize them by name in one spot.