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Those folks who love to bake, want to learn how to bake or simply want to see what’s possible in the baking world look no further. They are in for a mighty tasty treat of wonderful baking resources.

When the holidays are calling or a good, old-fashioned bake-off makes them seek out incredible breads, confections and flakey goodness brimming with irresistible fillings, great online baking sources can help sweeten any baker’s search.

1. Joy of Baking

Passing down great baking recipes from reliable sources is a wonderful way to get kids, grandkids and friends excited about baking. One reliable online baking source is the Joy of Baking, created by Stephanie Jaworski in 1997. In fact, her You Tube baking channel is highly ranked as one of the best baking sites online.

Don’t be surprised to discover a plethora of recipe variety that opens the online oven door via and YouTube videos. Excellent recipes, baking strategies, tools and baking categories ranging from A to Z offer superior taste bud satisfaction and impressive presentation protocols.

2. Bakerella

Many people think of baking as their gateway to the wonderful-world-of-confectionary pleasures. Bakerella thinks so, too and is proving that point by exhibiting a very creative, fun and light-hearted baking venue resource. Its intended culinary couture is designed with light and airy, sweets-focused-fun that appeals to masses of all ages.

Colorful photos of brownies, cakes, seasonal cupcakes, lollipop cake bites and melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies is the secret ingredient to showing how much fun goes into creating such an entertaining variety of a sugar-lover’s baking dream.

3. Amy’s Healthy Baking

Amy’s Healthy Baking website is an essential, informative and educational path to healthier baking. This California native’s passion is to spread the love of respecting gold-standard baking, then transforming that into healthier baking with ingredient options and substitutes.

Many ingredients and substitutions are smartly suggested for a wide variety of nutritional needs. Delicious and healthier recipes for any occasion make baking a happier experience for those trying to make healthier food choices.

Beginners-to-advanced bakers will thoroughly enjoy the online hands-on-approach offered, as well as available recipe and baking-related books personally written by Amy, herself. It’s time to start baking!