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Millennials definitely have their own way in the world, and one might think that their interior design aesthetics center on a modern, minimalistic approach. The generation actually has some surprising values when it comes to decorating their homes. Here are five interior design trends among Millennials.


1. Inspired by Grandparents

Inspiration for home design among Millennials comes from their grandparents more often than their parents or interior decorators. The reason is that their grandparents’ homes represented comfort and coziness that is lacking in much of the world today. Elements evoke nostalgia and personal connection with an eye towards what is good for the planet. Millennials also admire the pace of life that their grandparents had, and their interior designs allow them to sit, relax, reflect, and enjoy a quieter moment. You will often find cozy corners in a Millennial’s home that provides an escape from what seems to be a very hectic, out-of-balance world.


2. Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is making a comeback thanks to Millennials, and the designs are often combined with modern accessories and bold patterns. The foundation is vintage, yet Millennials find ways to put their own stamp on items using vibrant colors, catchy sayings, and more.


3. Stories

Millennials love to share stories, and their homes invite conversations that give them more opportunities to share a piece of themselves. This is why you may see knick-knacks, interesting accessories, and intriguing artwork in a Millennials home. Just ask about a piece, and you will hear an engaging and delightful story.


4. Upcycling

Millennials can be quite budget-conscious, yet they also like to have nice, unique items for their homes. They have found a way to balance the two with upcycling. They may find a piece at a thrift shop or garage sale, then invest a bit of time and money to make it look chic and modern. This also supports the generation’s interest in protecting the environment.


5. Think Forever

While the rest of the world is comfortable with having items for a short period of time, Millennials look for “forever pieces” that will make their homes special for years to come. In this way, their interior design aesthetics are timeless, albeit with some contemporary flair. This approach is another aspect of their home decorating that brings stability to life in an uncertain world.